Do you want to increase profitability by tens of percent?

We are developers of embedded electronics and we meet with PCB manufacturers, installation companies, users and competitors on a regular basis. We have noticed a trend of not following several rules while designing electronics. Thus, reducing profitability of the product. What are the rules?

1) Use same case for components

The design should have as few types of cases as possible for two main reasons: cheaper purchase and reducing costs on mounting. Using different case sizes is an unorganized approach but mainly it makes the production unnecessarily expensive.

2) Design libraries correctly

The library is the signature of the designer and his or her professionalism. It is necessary to take care of: correct pad sizes, design class, drill sizes, outlines, silkscreen, solder paste etc. Improperly designed part case can mean repeated production.

3) Check availability of the components

The availability of components is a big topic especially today. Many factories have been closed and there is a shortage of some components. It is all the more important to make the right choice. Changing the design due to the unavailability of the component after half a year of production is a nightmare for every customer. Thus, the design should be future proof when it comes to the bill of materials.

4) Quality production data

The better the production data, the higher the probability of successful production. This is confirmed by every electronics manufacturer. For example, having high-quality templates for solder paste printing. Having good knowledge about the process of production is critical to make the right decision for example when designing the board or choosing the material. Do not underestimate creating a well structured BOM as it will speed up the purchase of parts.

We pay attention to

  • Correct circuit function
    Crucial part, the device must work.
  • Seamless and easy mounting
    No production, no selling.
  • Lower production costs
    Thus higher margin.
  • Reliability and repair-friendly
    We want to sell, not bother with returns.
  • Aesthetic design
    Good looks lead to good functionality.
  • Compliant with EMC, CE, etc.
    For safe usage.

What are the parts of PCB design?



3D model

Production data

Why strive for quality design?

  • We want functional product
    There is nothing worse than a disappointed customer. There is only one chance to make a great first impression.
  • Repeated production as a quality standard
    The most effective manufacturing is the one that is easy to repeat. Take this into consideration from the first steps of the design.
  • We want to profit on the product
    Margin is a foundation of a successful product. Only with a proper and well designed product you can maximize the margin.

Joint success of our customer and us

We started with Jefftron at a time when they had some bad experience with HW developers. JeffTron urgently needed to finish the product for the electronics fair. With our quality standard, effective ways of work and great communication we succeeded and today their bluetooth-controlled electronics for airsoft weapons are successfully delivered in several versions to all continents.

And how does Leviathan work? Watch the video!

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"ASN Plus s.r.o. was able to completely overhaul the design of the electronics, including the firmware, in a short time, all on time and on budget. Their solution successfully solved the painful places, because of which I decided to innovate the product. Thanks to the approach and quality of the delivered outputs, we will be happy to further collaborate with ASN Plus s.r.o. not only on this project."
Ing. Karel KoteraElmet, Director
“ASN Plus s.r.o. is a strategic partner for us in the field of microelectronics and firmware development. Thanks to development know-how, transparent and effective cooperation, they were able to solve all obstacles and help us gain a significant market position in time and save the cost of lost profits from sales for the whole year.”
Ing. Filip NěmecJeffTron, CEO
"With ASN Plus s.r.o. we have been cooperating successfully for a long time on the development of prototypes for the Internet of Things.”
Ing. Marek Beránek, Ph.D.Unicorn College, Director
"Solutions developed in cooperation with ASN Plus s.r.o. demonstrably reduce the accident rate in manufacturing companies.” 
Ing. Antonín MichlALIS Tech, COO

What will the cooperation look like?

  • We will agree on the scope of the work
    Send us an inquiry, let’s have a call or meet in person, we will create a thorough description of the assignment, we will agree on the conditions and let's go!
  • Development of the device
    Schematics, layout, prototypes, testing, etc. We will regularly inform you about everything. The customer is a part of the team!
  • Leave the serial production to us
    It's time for production. We can hand over production documents or solve production for you. It's the safest and most reliable way. We guarantee deadlines and quality!

Let's do it together!

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What do you ask us most often?

Who is your typical customer?

We typically develop for companies that do the development themselves, but have a lack of capacity or are not technologically sufficient. We also develop for companies that do not want to start their own development. They need to innovate because of losing customers, gaining new customers, increasing margins and profit on the product.

What design software do you use?

We use Altium Designer.

Can you manufacture the PCB?

We have PCBs manufactured by partners who specialize in this field. We choose them depending on the quality and price.

Can you assemble PCB with electronic parts?

We can assemble simpler prototypes of the device. We have several partners for series production and more complex prototypes.

Can you program FW?

We do a complete electronics design, including FW programming and the creation of mobile applications.

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