We will design PCB for you and save you capacities, time and energy

  • Are you a company without development dpt. and you need electronics development?
  • Or do you have an electronics development dpt. but you don't have free capacities, or you don't have a required specialization or designing programme?
  • Pass on the PCB development on us!
  • We design PCB in Altium Designer and we are effective, therefore we can save your company's costs and help you finish the projects in time!

Why to work with us? 

  • We are able to save you time and money
    We work effectively and therefore we are able to finish projects in time with high time and cost efficiency.
  • We are professionals
    Our team is made up of field professionals and we have top equipment. We design in Altium Designer - software which is used by leading companies in the field.
  • Individual approach to your needs
    We are able to allocated and dedicate the capaties for your company. Your projects can then be finished sooner and carefree.
  • Regular communication
    We will keep you updated about the project progress. Therefore you will know the stage of project anytime.
  • We keep our word, we act straight and meet the deadlines.
    If we promise something, you can rely on that.

What is included in the board design?



3D model

Manufacturing data

Our principles you will surely appreciate

  • Correct function
    The correct function of our PCB deisgns is a matter of course.
  • Reliability
    We desing DPS to withstand the operating conditions.
  • Designed for simple and efficient manufacturing
    We consider the components availability and manufacturing efficiency in processing the PCB design.
  • Aesthetics and design
    We take into account the aestetic and neat design to make PCB clean and functional.
  • In accordance with applicable standards - EMC, CE etc.
    Our PCB designs are processed in accordance with applicable standards.

What mistakes you can avoid if you pass the PCB design on us ?  

Mistake no. 1 Various component housings

The various component housing leads to a manufacturing costs increase. And it happens quite offten. The PCB design should consist of as few component housings as possible.  There are two significant reasons for that: less costy purchase and board mounting.

Mistake no. 2 Incorrectly designed libraries??

The electronic library is a representation of a developer's skills.  It is necessary to keep in mind especially these aspects: correct size of footprints, accuracy classes, drill diameters, outlines, service printing, solder paste etc. Incorrectly designed component housing migh result in manufacturing repetition.

Mistake no. 3 Wrong or incomplete manufacturing data

The better manufacturing data, the higher possibility of successful manufacturing. With this statement would agree every electronics manufacturer. For an example the quality of data for printing template of solder paste might have impact on scrap in production.  

Mistake no. 4 Unavailable components 

Components availability is especially now a current topic. Many factories were closed all around the world and it results in lack of some components on the market. Now more than ever is important to choose components carefuly. The need of a redisign after six months from production start due to components unavailability is simply a nightmare for every producer. It means unnecessary consts and delivery delay.

Which of our customers has conquered the world?

We have started to cooperate with Jefftron company right after they had plenty of bad experiences with external HW developers. They needed to finish the product until IWA Outdoor Classics fair, where they wanted to present the product, and it's date was approaching.  We have managed to fulfill the deadline and Jefftron's product Leviathan - control unit for Airsoft guns which communicates with smartphone via bluetooth technology is being sold all over the world in thousands of pieces. 

How does the Leviathan work? Check out the video! 

Přehráním videa souhlasíte se zásadami ochrany osobních údajů YouTube.

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"The company ASN Plus s.r.o. has managed to redesign our electronics including firmware development in a short time with meeting budget and deadline at the same time. Their solution has provided an absolute elimination of weak places, which were the main reason for us to redesing the product. We will be happy to continue in our cooperation according to the dedicative approach and quality services provided by the company ASN Plus s.r.o.."
Ing. Karel KoteraElmet, CEO
“We consider ASN Plus s.r.o. company as a strategic partner in the field of mictroelectronics and fimware. We have managed to solve all the challenges thanks to their know-how in development and our transparent and effecient cooperation. ASN Plus s.r.o. has helped us to reach the significant position on the market."
Ing. Filip NěmecJeffTron, CEO
,,We successfully cooperate with ASN Plus s.r.o. company on prototype development of IoT devices in long term."
Ing. Marek Beránek, Ph.D.Unicorn College, Headquarter
,,The solutions developed in cooperation with ASN Plus s.r.o. demonstrably contribute to lower injuries rate in the companies."
Ing. Antonín MichlALIS Tech, COO

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