Leviathan V2

About customer

Company JeffTron is engaged in the manufacture and sale of microcontroller controlled electronics for airsoft guns. JeffTron’s ambition is to be the best in the global market in this area. In order to fulfill their ambition, it was necessary to come on the market first with a product that will determine the new trend of the whole industry. IWA OUTDOORCLASSICS fair was a key opportunity to launch the product.

Challenge for us

Rework the project after the previous supplier and finish it including testing in only 4 months.

Our solution

Thanks to our expertise in microcontroller controlled electronics and firmware development we have managed to finish the project on time and JeffTron could present themselves with a product, that meets challenging requirements of the customers.

Furthermore, we have found reliable business partner, who appreciates our know-how in the field of electronics and firmware for microcontrollers.

Continued cooperation has resulted in the creation of a sophisticated control unit for an airsoft gun, thanks to which it is possible to connect the weapon and mobile application using Bluetooth. Through the application, the user can, for example, monitor shooting statistics or set various shooting parameters. At the same time, the entire weapon is protected against short circuits, overheating or voltage overloading. Such configuration makes the gun ready to be used in any situation that the user might get into in the field.

“ASN Plus s.r.o. is a strategic partner when it comes to microelectronics and firmware. Thanks to their development know-how, transparent and effective communication, they have solved all of our obstacles and helped us gain significant market position and saves us the costs of lost profits for the whole year.”

Ing. Filip Němec


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