Control Unit for DogLeg

Elmet is a Czech company that is specialized in custom-made electronics, precise mechanics, medical and laboratory equipment. One of the company’s projects is the development of electrical golf trolley. We have been approached by Elmet in order to innovate and optimize the control unit for the trolley. Furthermore, there was a requirement to prepare the electronic for future development so that the trolley could be controlled via mobile application or smartwatch.

Current technology was based on THT technology and a 10-year-old design. Quick agreement of cooperation allowed us to start right away as the 3-month deadline put us under pressure. Within such rapid conditions, we needed to analyze current problems, optimize PCB and write firmware from scratch.

The control unit is tested under the demanding conditions of South Africa, where reliable functionality is required at high temperatures and altitudes. Thanks to the optimization of PCB and use of SMD technology we managed to come up with a solution, that is not only battery-friendly but also performs all the necessary functions. With that, we brought an improvement to the customer in the form of prolonging battery life expectancy and improved the driving distance of the golf trolley. During smooth cooperation, we have also refined the controls of the trolley in a more intuitive way.

"In a short period of time, ASN Plus has been able to completely redesign electronics, including firmware, while keeping the deadline and budget. Their solution has successfully solved the pain points for which I have decided to innovate the product. Due to a great approach and quality of the delivered outputs, we will be happy to continue working with ASN Plus not only on this project."

Ing. Karel Kotera


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